"Senterior" is a compound word of scent + interior that we created.

The ambient fragrance that harmonize with its surrounding space is an important element of the interior nowadays. 

CONER is the most efficient solution that delivers fragrance into a lot of type of space.

Meet a new concept of scenting solution.


Spread wider, Stay longer.

Innovative scent machine.


New standard of air scenting

Wider coverage

CONER's scent diffusing mechanism is special. Small scent molecules of 3 to 5 micrometers are sprayed into the space and spread widely. Molecules that are 50,000 times smaller than typical spray aerosols stay in the air about 400 times longer. In conclusion it's easy to aromatise areas up to 500 cubic meter.

Active Scent Control System

Depending on the space, you can set 10 levels of scent patterns according to your taste.

Use up to last drop

The fragrance cartridge gives off the same scent until the last drop. CONER's scent cartridge technology minimizes exposure to air, so there is no disadvantage of rancidity and UV deterioration, and you can enjoy the same quality scent for a long time.


No wires needed. Charged with a large-capacity battery, it can be placed anywhere. Long lasting battery, it can be used for about a month when fully charged. 


8 beautiful Niche Scent

that maintains the same quality until last drop


Niche & Professional

Blended by Professionals

The corner cartridge was blended by the most famous perfumer and aromatherapist in Korea. There are 4 types of perfume types and 4 types of organic types. "Better than alchol" is a boutique that creates sensational scents that Seoul's hipsters are excited about. The company blended perfume type fragrances for us. "Mark&Kate" is aromatherapist with more than 20 years of experience, and she created a safe and beautiful fragrance using only natural essential oils.

Safety & Organic

Coner fragrances are thoughtfully designed to never include harsh chemicals. We avoid ingredients known to cause potential harm to health or the environment. Every fragrance is safe and ethically sourced. It has been certified by the official institution in Korea. Our organic type fragrance is blended only 100% pure essential oil.

4 Perfume Lines

Blended by Better Than Alcohol. 

freshing as beer, romantic as wine, deeper than whiskey

4 Organic Lines

Blended by Mark & Kate

Beautiful natural scent like poetry that permeates the heart


Beyond Objet


Small but Powerful Performance  

· Product Name  : CONER (Model : CCV01)  

· Dimensions : Width 13cm X Height 15cm X Depth 8cm

· Color : Chacoal Black, Cream White

· Weight : 400g (Included cartridge 480g)

· Power Consumption : Max 5W, Waiting 0.15W

· Battery : Lithium-ion 2,000mAh

· Time to Full Charge : About 2hour

· Battery Life Time : About 500 times charges and discharges

· Battery Usage Time : About 3 Week (weak mode setting)

· Coverage  : Max 500㎥ 

· Noise : < 23db 

· Materials : PP, ABS

· Contents : Vase, Scent Cartridge, Charging Cable(C type), User Manual

· Made In Korea


In hotels and resorts, there are companies that rent and consult specialized devices under the name of "scent marketing", However, such solutions are too expensive for the average consumer to use. We provide air scenting solutions at the most efficient and reasonable price for not only living spaces but also commercial spaces.


99 $

Make a difference in your space. 



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